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Lessons for all levels emphasize safety protocols, including wind assessment, equipment maintenance, and self-rescue techniques.

Instructors provide personalized coaching, ensuring that each student receives the necessary guidance to progress at their own pace.

Lessons may be conducted in groups or on a one-on-one basis, depending on the individual’s preferences and the instructor’s availability.

Our instructors speaks English, French, Spanish and Polish.

Our courses plans

Each course provides a structured learning path, building on the skills acquired in the previous level. Certified instructors ensure a comprehensive understanding of kitesurfing techniques and safety measures at every stage.

Discovery course

The discovery course is an introductory program designed to provide individuals with a taste of kitesurfing and a basic understanding of the sport. It is suitable for those who are curious about kitesurfing but have little or no prior experience.
  •  Individual class
  •  One student per instructor
  •  All equipment
1 hour
3000 php

Beginner course

Content: Gear introduction, safety procedures, and basic kite control.

Focus: Setting up and launching the kite, understanding wind dynamics, and initial body dragging.

Skills Gained: Fundamental kite handling, safety awareness, and basic water skills.

3 hours
6500 php

Intermediate course

Content: Board skills, water starts, and more advanced kite control.

Focus: Progressing from body dragging to riding short distances, refining steering, and basic maneuvers.

Skills Gained: Improved board control, riding proficiency, and increased confidence on the water.

3 hours
6500 php

Independent Course

On this course you’ll learn riding up-wind, toe-side, and focus on controlling your speed by edging, changing direction without stopping, self-launching and self-landing safely. As an independent rider you’ll be able to ride your own or rent equipment wherever you go.

3 hours
6500 php

Advanced course

Content: Mastering advanced maneuvers, jumps, and tricks.

Focus: Fine-tuning kite control in challenging conditions, exploring freestyle, and wave riding.

Skills Gained: Expert-level kitesurfing skills, advanced safety techniques, and the ability to handle various scenarios.

1 hour
3000 php

Flexible plans

Train how it works best for you

Our school offers flexible kitesurfing sessions tailored to individual preferences and schedules.
We provide lessons in 3 hours, 2 hours, and 1 hour durations to accommodate various learning needs and time constraints.

1 hour session

Quick and efficient introduction to basic kite control, ideal for those with limited time. Also great as refresher, for those with long brake from last lesson.

3000 php

2 hours session

Allows for a more extensive exploration of fundamentals and board skills, balancing learning and progression.

5000 php

3 hours session

Comprehensive experience, allocating more time for detailed instruction, extended practice, and covering advanced techniques. Ideal for a thorough and unhurried learning pace.

6500 php

You just need Rental ?

For certified kitesurfers

If you already know how to kitesurf on your own, we can rent you our equipment.

  • Full equipment : 1h =1500 php / 3h = 3500 php
  • Twin tip board : 1h = 400 php
  • Surf board : 1h = 600 php
  • Foil board : 1h = 1000 php
  • Safety gear (helmet, vest, booties) : 1h = 400 php

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Looking for accomodation ?

Stay with us at Z resort

Z Resort is located in peacefull town of Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental, surrounded by sea and mountains. You will be staying just 1 min away from our Kitesurf Spot !

Z Resorts offers rooms for 1 to 4 pax, with AC, private bathroom, breakfast and swimming pool.

Ask us for more informations, we can book for you !