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We decided in 2023 to open the only Kitesurfing center in Negros Oriental.
We are happy to teach you on the best spot, with sandy bar and shallow water.

Our instructors speaks English, French, Spanish and Polish.

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Lessons for all levels emphasize safety protocols, including wind assessment, equipment maintenance, and self-rescue techniques.
Instructors provide personalized coaching, ensuring that each student receives the necessary guidance to progress at their own pace.

Kitesurfing in Zamboanguita, Philippines

Kite academy negros Oriental

Discover our spot :

  • Consistent Trade Winds: Zamboanguita experiences consistent trade winds, particularly during the months of November to April. Trade winds are reliable and predictable winds that blow consistently in a specific direction, providing ideal conditions for kiteboarding.

  • Ample Open Water Space: The coastal areas of Zamboanguita offer expansive open water spaces, providing enough room for kiteboarders to safely maneuver and enjoy their sport. The absence of significant obstructions, such as reefs or rocks, enhances the overall kiteboarding experience.

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Looking for accomodation ?

Stay with us at Z resort

Z Resort is located in peacefull town of Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental, surrounded by sea and mountains. You will be staying just 1 min away from our Kitesurf Spot !

Z Resorts offers rooms for 1 to 4 pax, with AC, private bathroom, breakfast and swimming pool.

Ask us for more informations, we can book for you !